Skin care cosmetics

To keep your skin healthy, young, attractive and tender - you need to take care of it daily. Starting from the age of 15, simply washing with water is no longer enough, you need to start using special tools: milk, gel, foams. Thanks to them, the skin is gently and painlessly cleansed of dust, dirt and makeup. After cleansing, you need to tone the skin with toners and lotions. Complete the day skin care with moisturizing - a moisturizer will help you with this. Such an elementary care will preserve the beauty for many years.

With age, it needs to be supplemented: introduce scrubbing or masking.

Guide for the selection of facial skin care products

A few simple rules will allow you to choose the right cosmetics for yourself that support your natural youth and skin health.

  1. You should carefully study the information on the packaging of all cosmetics, especially moisturizers. They differ significantly in composition and effect for the fatty and dry types.
  2. Many people confuse dry and sensitive skin, so they buy the wrong products, which are likely to harm than help in care.
  3. Moisturizer should not only saturate the upper layer, but also penetrate deep into the dermis. Hyaluronic acid, which is part of most moisturizers, allows you to deeply nourish the skin.
  4. To scrub, you must choose the right product, otherwise you can damage the skin. Scrubs can be used only for oily and combination skin types, for dry and normal skin - peels. If the skin is very sensitive or it has inflammatory processes (acne, irritation) - scrubbing should also be done with the last resort.
  5. Masks are easier to choose - they all correspond to age. The corresponding inscription is on the packages. It is necessary to consider only individual tolerance to the main components and extracts that make up their composition.
  6. When buying, pay attention to the aroma of each product (examine the tester on the counter). The smell is barely perceptible, the face cosmetics are of higher quality.

Facial cosmetics for washing

Their varieties were mentioned above: foam, milk, gels. All of them are used to wash or remove makeup from the face.

Gels are more intense in their composition, therefore they are suitable for oily, combination and normal skin types. For dry skin cosmetics designed with a lighter texture - milk. It is also suitable for acne sensitive and prone to acne. Foam - suitable for all skin types, it is better to use it to remove cosmetics, especially from the eyes.

The choice of tonic

Tonics and lotions are made on a liquid basis. Some are made using alcohol or water. Facial tonic cosmetics should be selected on a water basis - it is suitable for all skin types. Alcohol-based can be used for owners of oily skin type or for those with inflamed dermis.

Separation of moisturizers by their content

Means are divided into several types depending on the composition of moisturizing components (the main ones: vitamins and hyaluronic acid), thanks to them the skin of the face receives the necessary nutrition and hydration in the depth of the dermis, and not just its surface.

In order for moisture to be retained longer in the skin, a small amount of vegetable oil must be present in the composition. A moisturizer is applied to the skin in the morning, it’s not easy to moisturize it at night, but to nourish it, nourishing creams have been developed for this purpose, which “feed” the dermis while the body is resting, and the skin is able to absorb a greater amount of elements useful to it.

Extra courtship

Additional care - the use of scrubbing agents (described above) and masks - more about them. They are divided by skin type, age and direction of action.

  1. Moisturizing. They are applied after toning, can be used instead of a moisturizer.
  2. Nutritious. They are also used after washing and toning, only at night before bedtime. Such a mask is applied for 20-30 minutes, and then the residues are removed or rubbed into the skin in circular motions.
  3. Anti-aging They are film, creamy, gel-like. Before applying, you should study the instructions for use, since after some it is necessary to apply a moisturizer to the face, while others do not require additional hydration and nutrition. Creamy masks are suitable for dry and normal skin types, film and gel - for everyone else.
  4. Exfoliating. Such masks are cleansing cosmetics for the skin of the face, which removes the dermis from dead cells. They also are different in appearance: clay, gel-like, gel films. Masks are applied for a while, after which the face skin needs to be re-washed to remove its residues. In the end, apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream. Clay masks are suitable for oily skin type, gel-film - for all, gel-like - for normal and combination skin.
  5. Restoring. They are creamy and gel-like. Such masks help the skin recover from damage, irritation and other problems - when you need to look irresistible in a few minutes. They are quick-acting, can be used as a base for makeup.